Environmental, Social & Governance

Committed to Responsible Corporate Citizenship

Committed to Responsible Corporate Citizenship

PS Business Parks has consistently sought measures to reduce consumption of our natural resources while maintaining a first-class experience for our customers and residents. Over the last several years our management team has formalized our sustainability practices into initiatives and policies designed to reduce our energy use and creation of waste. At PS Business Parks we are committed to responsible corporate citizenship and being a good partner in the communities in which we operate.

2022 Proxy ESG Disclosures

Charter of the Environmental, Social, and Governance Steering Committee

Environmental, Social and Governance Steering Committee

Stephen W. Wilson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Maria R. Hawthorne

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Adeel Khan

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Corporate Secretary

Nathan Vitan

Assistant Secretary

Patrick Whalen

Vice President, Construction & Facilities Management